The cake under the decoration can be almost any flavour you prefer, although firmer cakes are generally more suitable for the sculpted cakes.

All cakes are baked from scratch with the best quality ingredients. Most are made with butter, which gives a great flavour and texture to cakes.

Some favourite flavours:

  • Apricot “ A moist cake with dried apricots through it.
  • Banana “ Old fashioned banana cake, firm but moist.
  • Carrot “ a rich moist cake, either with or without walnuts and made with oil not butter.
  • Chocolate “ a rich, dark moist cake, with a ścakeť texture
  • Chocolate Mud cake “ a denser, śstickierť chocolate cake
  • Coffee “ a śbutter styleť cake flavoured with coffee. Also good with chopped walnuts in it.
  • Dundee “ a traditional light fruit cake
  • Lemon “ a śbutter styleť cake flavoured with lemon - moist but fresh tasting
  • Lemon Whisky cake “ a rich butter cake flavoured with lemon and a light sprinkling of sultanas
  • Orange “ a śbutter styleť cake flavoured with orange
  • Rich fruit cake “ a wonderfully rich cake laden with dried fruits, moist and full flavoured.

Many other flavours are also available, as well as cakes for special diets, such as gluten-free, diabetic or dairy-free.

  • Cake - playing cards for Jenny
  • Cake - yellow car and dog
  • Wedding black and white. Red sugar flowers
  • Cake - beautiful white wedding cake