Aristocakes' delicious creations for celebrations can be as simple or elaborate as you prefer!

Whether it's Christmas, birthday, wedding, christening, anniversary or another special event, there's always a reason to have a cake!

Just what to choose? 'Is it a cake' sculptured theme cakes are spectacular, particularly for 'special' birthdays. Also edible images can play a role in conveying a story, see more.

For something elegant a cake decorated with the recipient's favourite flowers, handcrafted in sugar, is always suitable, especially for the ladies!

For chocoholics, a rich chocolate cake with chocolate decorations could be just right. Dark, milk or white chocolate; wildly extravagant decorations, smooth ganache, or soft chocolate icing - the choice is yours!

Christmas cakes can be simply glazed with dried fruits and nuts or be fully iced in a traditional or contemporary style.

Whatever the occasion, inscriptions are designed to fit with the cake style and design, once you have chosen the wording!

Candles - yes or no! The choice is yours. If you choose to have candles, we try to incorporate them so that they complement the cake design rather than looking like an added afterthought!

  • Cake - white box with fruit on top
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  • Cake - My Fair Lady Phyllis birthday
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